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File: 1320263050910917_U18chan.jpg - (4.72kb, 200x131, 1320263050910917.jpg)
Playstation memories Furrynomous 03/11/2011(Thu)04:15:27 No.1020703   
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Do you remember when you got the very first PlayStation? What were the most memorable games for that system?
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Virtualfox!!77mMUe2K3U 03/11/2011(Thu)08:21:20 No.1020726
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File: erm..._U18chan.jpg - (3.12kb, 106x96, erm....jpg)
I've only ever had a PC :(
9734 9734 !9734ZnoBbE 05/11/2011(Sat)03:19:01 No.1020930
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Twisted Metal 2 and 4


O lawd it's been so long...
Furrynomous 14/11/2011(Mon)06:06:06 No.1022427
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Spyro was one of my favourite games too. :)
Furrynomous 17/11/2011(Thu)05:07:38 No.1022993
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File: __Generator_Room___by_crashclub_U18chan.png - (342.12kb, 454x627, __Generator_Room___by_crashclub.png)

someonerandom 01/12/2011(Thu)01:40:50 No.1024789
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Final Fantasy IX - spent 2 months on that game... Freya was my fave ^w^
Spyro - hell yeah, that little dragon was cool back then
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 - awesome (last I played - THUG2 - also good, gotta check the new ones)
Tekken 3 - hell yeah (and Tekken 5 for PS2 is even better)
Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere - a game for a few hours but I will never forget about it, arcade ftw
DarkStone - I liked that one, my first crpg but on console
Warzone 2100 - first rts, and actually a good one
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis - respect, one of the best games ever
Tenchu II - sexy ninja assassins ^///^
Fighting Force 2 - I loved that game, it had weak notes but I liked it
Colin McRae Rally 2.0 - good old times with splitscreen, it was different than any other
Gran Turismo 2 - good times (but imo the magic died in newer ones)
Rollcage Stage II - played only a demo but didn't forgot it so it means something
Bloody Roar - played lated, bit of a button masher but has it's charm, also furries

WipEout games and music - they just describe the meaning of pure awesomeness
2097 and 3 are still damn playable, Fusion and Pulse (PS2) are also very good and look nice

There were loads of good games for PSX
I wont play games from PSX anymore - I will let the memories be memories - best untouched
Furrynomous 08/12/2011(Thu)04:45:49 No.1026181
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Sounds like you had fun playing those games. :)
Furrynomous 18/12/2011(Sun)12:25:56 No.1027812
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Armored Core
Metal Gear Solid-Seriously, if you own a Playstation, you MUST OWN THIS GAME.
Resident Evil 1-3- 3 is by far my fave, though.
The Glorious Tachikoma 11/1/2012(Wed)11:37:18 No.1034055
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Gran Turismo 2

Parents bought it for my brother and me @ a garage sale and it came with GT2. Ah, the memories of tricking out Japanese cars and just dominating any race without a hp cap with the Escudo. This game allowed me to fall in love with the Nissan Skyline.

Edited at 11/1/2012(Wed)11:37:54
GameDevFurry 15/1/2012(Sun)04:16:16 No.1034993
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How has Legend of Dragoon not hit this list?
Furrynomous 21/1/2012(Sat)10:02:15 No.1036321
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File: Libert_City_gta_map_U18chan.jpg - (981.47kb, 2208x1578, Libert_City_gta_map.jpg)

With that map on my lap sitting there for ours trying to get the job done
Furrynomous 23/1/2012(Mon)01:02:32 No.1036707
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Chrash Bandicot Series ..
Oh good memories :D
white_fox 26/2/2012(Sun)06:56:40 No.1043161
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i remember playing some great games ill try to remember a few well..
1. Front Mission 3
2. Final Fantasy 7
3. Resident Evil 2
4. Beyond The Beyond
5. Twisted Metal 2
and a whole bunch moar
Furrynomous 28/2/2012(Tue)05:02:22 No.1043805
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I am sure most of you will remember how the FFVII was a big hit when it came out.
Furrynomous 05/3/2012(Mon)08:38:30 No.1045481
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Those and Crash, I miss Crash...
sp@ce 06/4/2012(Fri)08:35:08 No.1053357
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File: 30235593205_u18chan.jpg - (118.93kb, 1024x739, 30235593205.jpg)
nuff said.
Atte 08/4/2012(Sun)03:07:56 No.1054299
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Bought my PS second hand from a friend in 2003 when he got a PS2.
Used to play Spyro, Crash, Crash team racing and a lot of other games at my cousin's house though, he had a modded PS and piles of pirated games :P
Furrynomous 10/4/2012(Tue)07:21:08 No.1054868
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dear god i loved crash bandicoot so much. still got my ps1 and crash wrath of cortex.
Furrynomous 14/5/2012(Mon)01:35:28 No.1063013
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Parasite eve 1&2, and http://goo.gl/9tPZN

Edited at 13/7/2012(Fri)04:03:37
Furrynomous 07/6/2012(Thu)07:30:49 No.1069968
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Does anyone remember MediEvil? Or perhaps the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy?
!MEDICrXmPA 12/7/2012(Thu)09:15:13 No.1079556
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goo.gl man, it's not that hard.
Virtualfox 13/7/2012(Fri)04:03:54 No.1079961
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!MEDICrXmPA 13/7/2012(Fri)10:47:51 No.1080279
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File: 1336168240764_u18chan.png - (7.8kb, 185x234, 1336168240764.png)
You're my favorite mod.
Virtualfox 13/7/2012(Fri)10:55:27 No.1080280
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File: desktopy_13_u18chan.png - (7.29kb, 182x234, desktopy.png)
You're my favourite user.
!MEDICrXmPA 14/7/2012(Sat)02:38:30 No.1080327
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File: ScreenShot2012-07-13at6.37.53PM_u18chan.png - (70.91kb, 509x606, Screen Shot 2012-07-13 at 6.37.53 PM.png)
I'm framing this on my wall.
Furrynomous 22/7/2012(Sun)04:03:48 No.1082435
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inteligent cube
star wars tera kasi
tomb raider
final fantasy
the first army men
Furrynomous 01/8/2012(Wed)09:56:22 No.1084334
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File: Embedded Video

the armadillo samurai 10/3/2013(Sun)03:03:22 No.1137333
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I got mine from my uncle who loaned it to me several years ago, it was pretty good for the time. I hardly even looked at the N64 after that.
games played :
driver 1
driver 2 ( still better than 3 )
final fantasy 7-9 / tactics
wild arms 2
legend of dragoon
crash bash
vigilante 8 2nd offence ( so so )
I bought the ps3 last year and was estatic that it played ps1 games.
video games Lord Vimless 11/3/2013(Mon)03:16:25 No.1137751
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File: Syphon-Filter-Breaches-PSPs-Perimeter-Defenses-2_u18chan.jpg - (19.56kb, 250x250, Syphon-Filter-Breaches-PSPs-Perimeter-Defenses-2.jpg)
this game gives me chills i [play it its awesome
Furrynomous 11/3/2013(Mon)03:20:09 No.1137752
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Anyone else remember playing

"Rape Escape"?

Edited at 11/3/2013(Mon)03:20:40
Furrynomous 18/3/2013(Mon)04:25:00 No.1139284
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First for me was either Ridge Racer Type 4, Gran Turismo, or Crash Bandicoot. I got those at the same time with mine.

Damn RRT4 and GT were fun, I miss having fun racers at my disposal.

Edited at 18/3/2013(Mon)04:25:46
LeoHowler 10/4/2013(Wed)06:51:41 No.1147821
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Resident Evil 2
Parappa The Rapper
DDR Konamix
Crash Bandicoot 2
Crash Bandicoot 3
Final Fantasy Tactics (Although I hate it now)
Final Fantasy VII
One Piece Mansion
Metal Gear Solid
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue
Tomb Raider 2
Furrynomous 24/5/2013(Fri)01:27:19 No.1157964
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I was, and still kinda am, more of an n64 fan, and got the original ps1 very late. and not a year later, a ps2, which I love just as much as the n64, and with good reason. none the less I could still play these games, and newer ones at the time. it was sweet. Needless to say, the ps1 still had some amazing games.

frogger 2: swampy's revenge. Dat music
spyro series. nuff said
pacman 2000/world: dat music and gameplay. who knew ol' paccy could use those dots as lazer balls, so cool
Gex 3: I'm almost stunned I haven't seen any r34. not to mention it was hella fun.
Legend of the Dragoon: This and Darkcloud are the only jrpg's I've really liked. They are amazing.
Megaman Legends: oh yes, oh yes...so epic. almost the 'ocirina of time' for the ps, cept with more 'splosions, and anime faces. still epic though.

Edited at 24/5/2013(Fri)01:28:20
Furrynomous 18/11/2013(Mon)10:10:12 No.1212030
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Those demo CDs. Holy shit, I played the fuck out of them. I got to get them back.
Furrynomous 19/11/2013(Tue)03:29:51 No.1212100
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Crash Team Racing
Odd World
Every single one of these
Furrynomous 20/11/2013(Wed)03:30:53 No.1212582
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That's cool to hear. :)
Furrynomous 25/11/2013(Mon)05:42:30 No.1213736
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Does anyone remember Kula World?
Furrynomous 27/11/2013(Wed)07:35:24 No.1214161
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Gran Turismo
Front Mission 3
Final Fantasy 7
Azure Dreams
Hemlyn 10/1/2014(Fri)02:26:27 No.1226337
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I've only ever played Playstation games when I was visiting friends (some of my friends had Playstations whereas I had Nintendo and XBox consoles).
I remember us taking turns playing Spyro. I had no idea how the game progressed but it seemed like it had a massive environment; there was no end to the fun you could have.
I also remember Lego Racers, I think. That was neat. You could build your own car out of bricks. I liked the customization because back then it was pretty rare for me to see.
Furrynomous 05/6/2014(Thu)11:26:52 No.1267045
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Lego Racers huh? Never heard that one before...

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