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File: VeilCover_u18chan.png - (1.26mb, 1200x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Veil Chapter 1: A Good Taste Velsen 04/7/2015(Sat)10:55:14 No.1377756    [Reply]
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Some of you may remember me from this:

Now I've started production on the actual comic, hope you all enjoy it as it comes :D

Link to my FA:
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Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)10:03:35 No.1377885
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The backgrounds are nice, but the tiger looks like a Downie.
Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)10:21:49 No.1377888
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It looks cleaner, and the art is getting better.
Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)11:22:06 No.1377903
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I already love this comic XD kudos
Velsen 04/7/2015(Sat)11:36:41 No.1377906
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Thanks and well, my faces are far from good. You'll see some improvements on the next pages. :)

File: 1506251255_u18chan.jpg - (300.08kb, 920x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Unibits: soft manlyness TNM !!h4tCrV4qc6 27/6/2015(Sat)09:42:45 No.1376121    [Reply]
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Set a year in the future of:
which is set in the aftermath of:
"Reality patched" was put on hold about three days ago
Anyway enjoy:

[color=#00FFFF]Unibits: soft manlyness - 01
Guys have i ever told ya how much i such at making names?

Or how much luck i have when a marker runs out of ink in the middle of the effing drawing? :D

If you like this proyect you can donate by clicking bellow:

Click Right here! <--
(link was https://www.paypal.co

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Furrynomous 03/7/2015(Fri)12:58:15 No.1377394
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Isn´t this the comic that uniparasite made with the dating site that was incomplete?
TNM !!h4tCrV4qc6 03/7/2015(Fri)07:23:21 No.1377443
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File: revivescreenshot_u18chan.png - (237.42kb, 785x761)
Looks like it
TNM !!h4tCrV4qc6 03/7/2015(Fri)07:26:25 No.1377445
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File: 1506030559_u18chan.jpg - (278.61kb, 934x1280)
Unibits: soft manlyness - 06


Mature for butt

If you like this proyect you can donate by clicking bellow:

Click Right here! <--
(link was https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=KPYRX7N9SC5JE )



Tags: [spoiler][color=#04B4AE]soft manlyness burrk bernardo bonnie bear gay muscle unibits garracuda kids uni

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Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)11:28:46 No.1377904
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4 whole months texting on a dating website without meeting? u wut?

File: dashthefox_capa_bc_u18chan.jpg - (154.36kb, 676x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Burning Crossroads Adavi123 03/1/2015(Sat)04:11:30 No.1327794    [Reply]
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Dashthefox. "Based in a dream my mate had with some changes.

*Adult flag because have adult themes.

Story: arsen.d
Art: dashthefox"


Dashthefox's FA page
Arsen.D's FA page
Edited at 23/1/2015(Fri)01:50:10
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Burning Crossroads Adavi123 28/6/2015(Sun)10:55:59 No.1376455
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File: dashthefox_pag_42_u18chan.jpg - (337.43kb, 910x1280)

Burning Crossroads Adavi123 01/7/2015(Wed)01:19:20 No.1376936
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File: dashthefox_pag_43_u18chan.jpg - (358.21kb, 922x1280)

Burning Crossroads Adavi123 02/7/2015(Thu)06:04:02 No.1377318
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File: dashthefox_pag_44_u18chan.jpg - (370.58kb, 916x1280)

Burning Crossroads Adavi123 04/7/2015(Sat)10:37:43 No.1377900
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File: dashthefox_pag_45_u18chan.jpg - (334.02kb, 917x1280)

File: a-side_1_cover_u18chan.jpg - (525.36kb, 900x1150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Red Hot Party 1 Furrynomous 09/8/2014(Sat)08:10:51 No.1284778    [Reply]
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"Red Hot Party 1" by A-side

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RandyRoo 01/7/2015(Wed)01:37:13 No.1376939
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I'm just waiting for this to come on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUhVCoTsBaM and for the demon to just be posing in every scene.
Red Hot Party Adavi123 03/7/2015(Fri)12:59:24 No.1377395
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File: a-side_7.6_u18chan.jpg - (533.82kb, 920x1280)

Red Hot Party Adavi123 04/7/2015(Sat)10:35:58 No.1377897
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File: a-side_7.7_u18chan.jpg - (654.07kb, 920x1280)

Red Hot Party Adavi123 04/7/2015(Sat)10:36:48 No.1377899
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File: a-side_7.8_u18chan.jpg - (602.06kb, 920x1280)

File: cover_38_u18chan.jpg - (114.58kb, 1200x841) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
LikeFatherLikeSon Furrynomous 26/6/2015(Fri)10:46:31 No.1375820    [Reply]
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Go here:http://g.e-hentai.org/g/827291/bad22bae05/
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Ninu 28/6/2015(Sun)06:11:00 No.1376402
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Menial/miniscule detail or not, I for one am interested/intrigued with what this guy has to say, so not "everybody else is like 'yeah whatever.'"

Leave the naysayers be, but continue interpreting the anime. Happy with the fan service >w< altho I don't approve shipping Drum and Gao together but meh whatever.

Edited at 28/6/2015(Sun)06:13:29
Furrynomous 28/6/2015(Sun)06:25:11 No.1376403
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Meh, I already gave a good idea of what the anime is like. I think maybe they just don't want the cartoon to be a gay show because its aimed as a kids show and they might feel pedophile trying to think otherwise.

Doesn't bother me but I can see this going down a sour path on thread drama. So I'll end it here for now.
Furrynomous 29/6/2015(Mon)03:49:47 No.1376511
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I love kemono and shota and would love for your interpretation to be true. But it's not true. You really are just that fucked up.
Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)10:29:20 No.1377891
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Am I watching movie about sex in every anime right now???

File: sunitai_campus1_u18chan.png - (544.99kb, 924x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
KNOT University: Campus Life Adavi123 05/3/2015(Thu)07:37:56 No.1346058    [Reply]
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Sunitai "Yay! Page 1 is finally here of the next comic!

I give you the main character wackyfox26 who's going to experience the crazy life of a freshman newdie of KNOT U.

Luckily he already has the help of Germanshepherd69 to help him along in this crazy new world though I'm sure all of you already want to see the whips come out and wackyfox26 start calling him sir....

So I hope you enjoy this new comic as it gets posted and enjoy the sexyness and the humor that follows :P"

Comic Sta

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Edited at 05/3/2015(Thu)07:48:17
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Furrynomous 01/7/2015(Wed)05:54:47 No.1376971
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it's "ok" to have all characters almost look the same
but that mean they have to be unique in other
other retrospects.
as MLP and Geronimo stiltion pulls it off
but alot of them got different added on features as well even they're all drawn the same.
Furrynomous 02/7/2015(Thu)03:14:11 No.1377202
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Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)08:27:04 No.1377867
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File: IntelectualRapistDetective_u18chan.png - (244.17kb, 428x600)
That first panel...

"Nbowaaa-Shaaaaaawn !! Pweease, that a look at thiiiiiiiiis !! Whhhaaaat arrrrre Theeese ?!"


Edited at 04/7/2015(Sat)08:30:05
Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)10:00:04 No.1377883
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Don't bring mai waifu into this.

File: 1434308836.rov_comic001_u18chan.jpg - (394.15kb, 1043x1480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm home , honey! Furrynomous 30/6/2015(Tue)12:45:46 No.1376829    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (12)troll (1)Show Less
by ROV
Edited at 30/6/2015(Tue)10:39:12
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Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)09:01:32 No.1377873
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If by "hot" you mean "Wow that anatomy is totally fucked and its depressing that people still call it good", then sure! 6 years of doing this crap and Rov STILL doesn't know how to draw a good face or how pectorals connect to a body.
Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)09:19:13 No.1377875
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Really? I thought some of the anatomy looked like it could've came from a real body, I guess I don't know what constitutes as bad.
Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)09:54:30 No.1377881
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That guy just seems bitter to me. The imperfections are extremely minor. Seriously better than what you could expect out of most furry art.
Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)09:59:06 No.1377882
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No.. You're just not a basement dwelling neckbeard that nitpicks porn.

File: 1411957013.peritian_clwpage1_u18chan.png - (1.1mb, 914x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Cats Love Water - by Peritian Derp 29/9/2014(Mon)11:35:41 No.1300520    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (29)extra (17)duplicate (5)cover (1)Show Less
Yes, there will be dicks. Yes, there will be slender fags. Yes, there will probably be incest.

Handle it.
220 post(s) and 66 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 24/6/2015(Wed)03:44:39 No.1375263
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They're literally fucking his brains out
Furrynomous 24/6/2015(Wed)12:30:40 No.1375332
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I want to see those twins fuck each other.
girfan!vluil/NQUA 04/7/2015(Sat)07:45:28 No.1377861
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File: peritian-clw-page-20_u18chan.png - (920.47kb, 913x1280)
Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)09:21:09 No.1377876
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Two pages per month, it's so long to wait the next one. =(

File: snow-shine_musa4fin_u18chan.jpg - (202.9kb, 905x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Magical Unicorn Sex Adventure Adavi123 14/2/2015(Sat)02:56:20 No.1340826    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (19)Show Less
Comic by an artist named Snow-Shine. The title pretty much says all you need to know.

This is actually the fourth page but I put it first because it is the cover. Just thought I would explain that in case the file name confuses anyone.

Snow-Shine's FA page http://www.furaffinity.net/user/snow-shine/
30 post(s) and 51 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 27/6/2015(Sat)05:12:37 No.1376101
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Reminds me of Skyrim

>every hut in the middle of nowhere
>herbs hangan everwhar
Magical Unicorn Sex Adventure Adavi123 04/7/2015(Sat)12:13:13 No.1377799
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File: snow-shine_musa34fin2_u18chan.jpg - (264.95kb, 839x1280)

Furrynomous 04/7/2015(Sat)04:44:49 No.1377831
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File: mermaid_u18chan.gif - (3.67mb, 500x333)
I wonder why he's going to bother dressing him up when they're just going to get naked again in a few pages anyway.

Also, that brown guy. Mmm! I'd like to see him in my office so we can discuss about his future in sex, er, medicine. Yes, medicine.
Matthias Augustine Burke 04/7/2015(Sat)07:50:50 No.1377863
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I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee.

File: cavesandcritters_theranliondualwielding_u18chan.png - (276.62kb, 938x902) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Caves and Critters Adavi123 08/10/2013(Tue)09:56:14 No.1202868    [Reply]
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