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File: 5_129227278875.jpg - (151.95kb, 584x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Roommates 1-3 Virtualfox 13/12/2010(Mon)08:39:49 No.989892    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (37)extra (18)character profile (3)fan colored version (2)Show Less
First: 23 pages
Second: 11 pages
Edited at 31/12/2011(Sat)04:44:27
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Furrynomous 26/11/2014(Wed)05:09:26 No.1317058
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WAIT WAIT WAIT wait wait wait.... wait... this is still going on?
Adavi123 26/11/2014(Wed)06:26:33 No.1317064
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Yeah it is, just going REALLY slow. Although not nearly as slow as "My Best Friend".
Furrynomous 27/11/2014(Thu)11:55:41 No.1317453
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This one is really slow ifim rite I think its going on 3 years now he's been on his third part
Furrynomous 22/1/2015(Thu)07:03:15 No.1333995
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Something new please :(

File: image_288_u18chan.jpg - (332.85kb, 792x1089) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Chain of Command by Rukis Furrynomous 11/6/2013(Tue)01:39:58 No.1162462    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (5)low quality duplicate (1)extra (1)Show Less
This is a donation based comic found here,

38 post(s) and 10 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 31/10/2014(Fri)07:18:28 No.1310061
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Not just links though, as Amwulf never really got his reputation from a single link.

You need corroboration with many people, statements from respectable folks in the community even for some people, and if you got it pictures or actual evidence of the problems.

Amwulf had all that happen. Large numbers of regular people shared similar stories, which was enough as these were customers. They also shared pictures of emails and his colossal commissions list.

His white knights were able to keep it underground to some degree, but that quickly went out the door when respected artists called him out on his behavior.

Same goes for Rukis. We're going to need more than just a few burned people's testimony to believe this. And we're going to need screenshots or something too. That's at a minimum.
Furrynomous 31/10/2014(Fri)09:43:47 No.1310085
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File: Them_u18chan.jpg - (50.11kb, 251x251)
Oh sure, because it's so simple to just get out a camera and record her when she's pulling stunts like this. Dur hur!
Get real.
Unsavory stories have been said about her by *multiple* people. Rather you believe them or not is your thing, and asking for "links" and "pictures" towards such events in real life is too pathetic to even be humorous.

What we *do* know for a fact is that we have gotten 5 1/2 pages (6, if you actually count that most recent picture as a whole comic page, even when

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Furrynomous 31/10/2014(Fri)11:32:07 No.1310103
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I gave an example with Amwulf to make it simple.

1. Have multiple people saying this (not something -you- can do, but links to these shouldn't be hard since you said it yourself it's well known).
2. Have screens of emails or other things (which you say is too hard, yet has been done with Amwulf 's emails and never ending commish list).
3. Have artists call them out on their behavior (again, Amwulf ).

4. See it for yourself. Amwulf streams include: doing nothing for hours, art on the spot for friends rather than commishs, prioritizing people regardless of when they commisshed.

If you can't provide any of that, then it's going to be really hard convincing anyone to believe you. A judge or jury wouldn't care about your position with no evidence, let alone the public which will gladly ignore evidence in favor of opinions (see white knighting).

(Thanks U-18Chan for not telling me which word was filtered and giving no indication for what I should avoid talking about. Bizarre writing is intentional.)
Furrynomous 22/1/2015(Thu)03:11:41 No.1333949
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File: 5_129746034012_u18chan.jpg - (638.95kb, 1300x1779) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
November's Bribe Keo 11/2/2011(Fri)09:39:01 No.993077    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (21)another zaush comic (3)extra (3)unrelated zaush art (1)Show Less
otters are female, but you don't see anything. imagine there male.also its ongoing...suposedly.will have 7 in total but only 3 have been released so far.
Edited at 04/12/2011(Sun)12:26:10
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Anonybadger 21/1/2015(Wed)04:13:14 No.1333713
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With the exception of his most recent one in which he kinda dropped for some reason.
Furrynomous 22/1/2015(Thu)02:47:03 No.1333848
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>his most recent one which he kinda dropped for some reason

He draws and posts it for free, and nobody does anything but bitch and complain and talk shit about him. If I were him, I would've dropped it too.

It's a shame because I actually enjoy his gratuitous gangbang comics.
Furrynomous 22/1/2015(Thu)03:15:55 No.1333854
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draws posts for free
yeah i'd like to note that RR charges obscene rates for someone to be in the comic
you're out of your mind if you think his comics are free when they'd most likely not get made if people didn't pay outrageous sums to have their own retarded OC in it
Furrynomous 22/1/2015(Thu)08:13:43 No.1333915
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And that OC ends up looking exactly like all the other characters anyway.

File: 00_102_u18chan.jpg - (1.06mb, 2144x3026) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Beast Spear Furrynomous 22/1/2014(Wed)05:14:39 No.1230208    [Reply]
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Furrynomous 21/1/2015(Wed)12:53:19 No.1333549
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File: beast_13_u18chan.jpg - (726.14kb, 1200x1694)

Furrynomous 21/1/2015(Wed)12:53:55 No.1333550
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File: beast_14_u18chan.jpg - (686.1kb, 1200x1694)

Furrynomous 21/1/2015(Wed)12:54:40 No.1333551
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File: beast_15_u18chan.jpg - (618.92kb, 1200x1694)

Furrynomous 21/1/2015(Wed)12:55:32 No.1333552
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File: beast_16_u18chan.jpg - (489.74kb, 1200x1694)

File: 47644536_p0_u18chan.jpg - (364.96kb, 890x630) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Thank You 4 Furrynomous 21/12/2014(Sun)12:21:06 No.1323874    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (1)Show Less
Shit nigga...
4 post(s) and 3 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
Furrynomous 13/1/2015(Tue)12:26:51 No.1331454
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What this suppose to mean?
Furrynomous 13/1/2015(Tue)03:37:23 No.1331472
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I barely understand japanese and its 746 yen($6.00) but it says that shipping is not currently available in my area? :V
H 20/1/2015(Tue)11:35:29 No.1333374
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File: fromjapantenso3-500x179_0_u18chan.png - (75.43kb, 500x179)
there are few services out there that can get you stuff from japan.
Basically they buy and ship it to you.

I came cross this which might help you
(Japaneses might be required) am sure our friends here will help you if you don't know what to type)
http://www.tenso.com/en/ This one is the most important one since it will act as your address in japan check image to get the idea
Pay in mind that some sites might say they dont deal with Tenso because they don't want their

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
Furrynomous 20/1/2015(Tue)06:04:33 No.1333439
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found this


File: img001_14_u18chan.jpg - (99.95kb, 643x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sixes Wild: The Bluff Furrynomous 10/1/2015(Sat)02:13:10 No.1330165    [Reply]
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I'm sorry if this has already been posted here.
7 post(s) and 10 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
MrSolo 11/1/2015(Sun)05:54:36 No.1330547
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"Sixes Wild is an erotic, western-romance about an fruit bat and sheriff named Jordan Blake who forms a romantic relationship with a hare named Six Shooter, a thief who crossdresses as a male"
Furrynomous 11/1/2015(Sun)07:53:54 No.1330613
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That's good but you can tell he's a she from the pages we have here anyway [they were so small I couldn't tell till I saved the comic and read it offsite.]

Just read this, clearly says on the last page that the bunny is a she.

blatant tits
Though here it looks more like pecks XD
H 19/1/2015(Mon)10:01:59 No.1333210
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File: 1303978502.sidian_comicteaser_u18chan.jpg - (308.04kb, 1020x660)

Furrynomous 20/1/2015(Tue)04:37:29 No.1333307
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If it's anything by Sidian, I doubt it'll be finished anyways, DELETE

File: Circles8-Page00-FrontCover_u18chan.jpg - (223.18kb, 1025x1533) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Circles Issue 8 Furrynomous 07/4/2012(Sat)04:33:17 No.1053735    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (2)Show Less
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Yes The bringer of good news 19/1/2015(Mon)04:33:55 No.1332987
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Furrynomous 19/1/2015(Mon)05:09:29 No.1333142
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The novel is here
Furrynomous 20/1/2015(Tue)01:49:01 No.1333271
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Furrynomous 20/1/2015(Tue)02:11:42 No.1333277
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Surprised this actually managed to come out. Did anybody buy it last month? Flew right under my radar.

File: 877811-MordecaiRegular_ShowRigbyRighteous_u18chan.png - (885.49kb, 900x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Regular Show comic Drip 08/1/2013(Tue)04:56:03 No.1123914    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (7)low resolution duplicate (1)Show Less
This is an unnamed Regular Show comic (?) by Righteous.
46 post(s) and 15 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
frutus adrien 29/5/2014(Thu)06:40:07 No.1264903
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Anonimus3000 15/1/2015(Thu)08:05:40 No.1332074
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Hola k ase
Anonimus3000 Anonimus3000 19/1/2015(Mon)06:00:53 No.1333160
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File: RCT3-Logo_u18chan.jpg - (23.72kb, 232x116)
Furrynomous 19/1/2015(Mon)07:43:59 No.1333178
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Don't expect anymore of this, artist moved on to other things and isnt coming back to IB. Hence why he deleted his IB

File: 00_115_u18chan.jpg - (283.22kb, 826x1166) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Manaymn tuballkain_Wyoh 06/7/2014(Sun)05:44:50 No.1274764    [Reply]
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Thread Tagstranslated (22)Show Less
history in Portuguese
Edited at 06/7/2014(Sun)05:52:15
18 post(s) and 43 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
I'm a different guy Velsen 07/1/2015(Wed)03:59:07 No.1329230
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**Portuguese after the english

I am not Ogami June, I'm another guy. I saw that he was going to work on the translation and then someone noted that the translation hadn't been done, so I just translated the pages on my free time, it was kinda relaxing to be honest :) I'll do more translations if I find any portuguese comics (or if you guys know any comics that need translating)

Thank you for your kind words, It was pretty cool translating this. If you need anything translated I can help :3 (Do you have any plans for a sequel?)

Não sou o Ogami June, só vi que essa comic ainda não tava traduzida e acabei fazendo no meu tempo livre.

Se tiver mais comics pra traduzir posso ajudar. Essa comic vai ter uma continuação?

Edited at 07/1/2015(Wed)04:49:35
velsen tuballkain 08/1/2015(Thu)02:05:15 No.1329635
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Yes, will be continued, but still not finished because I'm working and icarly levels of my heart are low. But I'm already drawing

Sim, Vai ter continuação, mas ainda não terminei porque estou trabalhando e os níveis de icarly do meu coração estão baixos. Mas já estou desenhando.f
H 19/1/2015(Mon)12:39:40 No.1333075
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Not to sound like a grammar nazi but I noticed few things and am not blaming the translator in any way! Am actually thankful for his hard work.
Last panel second line "toa" not sure if this was meant to be this way or "to a"
lower left panel "He seem to have a sweet in his mouth"
Sry Velsen 19/1/2015(Mon)12:54:28 No.1333077
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Yeah I failed proofreading (never finish stuff after 2 AM some would say)

Is there a way I can replace the individual pictures without messing up the order of the comic? If there is I'll fix all the mistakes I found and you pointed out.


File: pg1_2_u18chan.jpg - (437.95kb, 1200x1696) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Our Secret Furrynomous 14/1/2013(Mon)04:15:16 No.1125532    [Reply]
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Thread Tagsmacro (7)extra (2)Show Less
This is an ongoing comic by Blackmailz.

104 post(s) and 33 image reply(s) omitted. Click Reply to view.
MykelDana 16/1/2015(Fri)07:41:42 No.1332223
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I have this in my favorites menu, it's a fantastic short story
Black!Knight.xo. 19/1/2015(Mon)02:30:29 No.1332967
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Umm... what? If he was born in '96 that would make him at least 18.

1996 = 0
1997 = 1
1998 = 2
1999 = 3
2000 = 4
2001 = 5
2002 = 6
2003 = 7
2004 = 8
2005 = 9
2006 = 10
2007 = 11
2008 = 12
2009 = 13
2010 = 14
2011 = 15
2012 = 16
2013 = 17
2014 = 18

Alternatively: 2014 - 1996 = 18

So, based on the logic you used, he would have to be at least 18 years old... even if you assumed that he was born on Dec. 31, 1996.
Furrynomous 19/1/2015(Mon)04:48:33 No.1332991
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No... that was posted on May 2013 so there is no way he could be 18 if he was born in 1996. So at that time you could say the ban was justified.

Edited at 19/1/2015(Mon)04:50:54
Sex 19/1/2015(Mon)02:01:43 No.1333083
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On the subject of underage access to porn sites, I'm sure many people here understand that little bit of joy you got when sites asked you if you were eighteen or older and you weren't lying anymore. I was born in 96 and I still get that feeling.

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