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False Banning Issue by U-18Chan staff - 21/10/15 @ 18:06PM
We're currently experiencing an issue with our bans system which is resulting in a small number of users wrongly being banned, and the users ban page showing an IP belonging to our CDN instead of the users actual IP. We are currently working on a fix for the issue, and only a small number of users appear to be affected.

We will continue to monitor bans until the issue is resolved, and are whitelisting the wrongly banned IPs as and when we become aware of them to mitigate the inconvenience caused until the issue has been resolved. If you believe you have been affected by this issue, please email [email protected] or appeal your ban through the ban page, mentioning this in the ban appeal. If you email, including the displayed IP (and your own IP if known) will help us remove the ban for you.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, and plan to have a fix available ASAP. Eyes here for updates.
reCAPTCHA by LeonFox - 13/10/15 @ 23:45PM
Hello all! I would like to inform you all of a very important change taking place on the site currently. We are attempting to find a better method of spam prevention as the current reCAPTCHA solution has proven not to be much of one. We are implementing a new system and currently have it in testing. If you or a friend are unable to access the website please contact us ASAP and have them provide the output shown to them on the webpage.

Thank you all so much I hope this can help further reduce the amount of spam which we have been encountering endlessly.

Please contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.
1wF64 H554t! by b-DOcz10 t21HH - 31/03/15 @ 23:13PM
1wF64 H554t!
Awesome 3D Model by LeonFox - 12/03/15 @ 02:26AM
Link to the video here.

This is a really awesome 3D Model by Jeyeff BlueFox of our mascot Valkria

Edit by Anon123212321: Changed the video to a link due to the autoplaying video being both annoying as dicks, and breaking the front page for some browsers.
Captcha! by LeonFox - 26/01/15 @ 12:07PM
Hello fellow users, due to all of the recent spam attacks over the last year we have finally implemented captcha into the boards. This will be required on every post from now on. Hopefully this will improve user experience and decrease spam.
Happy New Year by U-18Chan staff - 31/12/14 @ 18:29PM
Merry Christmas by U-18Chan staff - 25/12/14 @ 00:11AM
Merry Christmas from the U-18Chan staff
Let it go! by U-18Chan staff - 22/12/14 @ 08:05AM
Let it Snow! by U-18Chan staff - 01/12/14 @ 00:05AM
Server Maintenance by LeonFox - 15/09/14 @ 18:24PM
We will be doing some maintenance today (9/15/14) in the later afternoon. This will cause the site to be offline during this period of time. This should not be a length process.

Edit: This has been completed and no downtime was required however, there will be some slight site slow downs for a while as we complete our remote backups.
Short outage 8/26 by LeonFox - 27/08/14 @ 04:13AM
Site should be fully operational.
Site not working properly. by Tinus - 27/08/14 @ 02:21AM
As a result of some black smoke our site is not working properly at the moment. Our monkeys/technicians/magicians are working on it. In the meantime have a wank with imagination.
4th of July by AdmiNSAtrators - 04/07/14 @ 01:19AM
We have been asked by the NSA to ██████ and to help improve their cum-face recognition software, so as of today, we have implemented this new software into U-18Chan. This software can be disabled by ██████ ███████ ██ ███, however, for your own safety and for national security, it is recommended that you do not do this.
A good lol by LeonFox - 09/06/14 @ 12:20PM
Haha if you want a good laugh just click here and read from the bottom up http://pastebin.com/9AJp4028

Also this http://imgur.com/a/iy8Sn

Fuckin hilarious!

But in all seriousness, please report any and all rule violating posts please refer ˅ down there to Anon's post.
Spam and Other Rule Violating Posts by Anon123212321 - 22/05/14 @ 20:45PM
Please remember to report any spam or other rule violating posts, as this pops up an alert in the staff panel and ensures that we can remove it quicker.

If you are unsure of how to report a post, I'd suggest reading through the whole of the U-18Chan Guide (which can be found under the "Misc" section of the site), but especially the "Features" page .

Note: The report post feature is intended for reporting rule violating posts. Anyone using it to request a thread clean up or similar will either be shot, or banned for two days.
Chat by Tinus - 01/05/14 @ 11:37AM
We do have a chat for all you lonely people out there. Head over to it on the misc section.

Edit by Anon123212321: The chat is no longer members only, so it should be usable by anyone at any time without a mod having to member them.
Features by Marker - 11/03/14 @ 05:10AM
Everything should be working again.
Broken Features by LeonFox - 10/03/14 @ 03:21AM
We are currently rewriting some code to better optimize the site and in turn some features will be temporary unavailable such as image expanding. We are working to correct this issue right now as quickly as we can. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Reporting Spam by Anon123212321 - 28/02/14 @ 23:00PM
I'd just like to remind users to not to reply to spam posts. This is completely pointless as spambots can't read, and all it does is bump the spam post to the top of the board, meaning more people end up seeing it. Whilst this itself is bad, it's much worse when the spam contains questionably legal content, or links to malware infested websites.

Instead, please remember to use the report post feature to bring the post to the attention of our moderators. This is by far the quickest way to report spam or any other rule violating post, as it displays a notice in the staff panel as soon as a staff member logs in and links them to the post. You can read about the report feature, as well as our other features, in the features page of the semi-official guide to U-18Chan.
/cnt/ - Copyright and Takedowns by Anon123212321 - 25/01/14 @ 17:44PM
For some reason, /cnt/ seems to have disappeared. Fortunately, it's archived on Archive.org's Wayback machine, so for now you can still view it here.
Bitcoin Donations! by LeonFox - 05/12/13 @ 04:47AM
Please help support U-18Chan's server and CloudFlare expenses. Consider a small bitcoin donation!

MWFF 2013 by LeonFox - 26/11/13 @ 06:54AM

Blank Post Bug Fixed! by Mittens - 18/11/13 @ 05:47AM
Leon has fixed the bug that made posts using special characters such as £ show up blank! You are now free to post away with all the funky characters you want.
Site Issues 17/11/13 by LeonFox - 18/11/13 @ 01:43AM
Sorry for the inconvenience however the site may go down at random times for a couple minutes at a time. Our host's raid controller had to be replaced and the new controller is repairing errors the old one made that causes 45 seconds of HDD downtime each time. Again sorry not much we can do about it.

Edit by Anon123212321: Should all be good now, also, fixed the date in the title. There's not 17 months silly Americans. :p
Minecraft Server by Mittens - 16/11/13 @ 20:50PM
The U-18Chan Minecraft server is out of money! We will be running it on a donation basis, so it's only up for the months we can pay for it. We are still adding people to the white list so you'll get to play if it goes up! Click here for more info.
Country flag issues 11/9/2013 6:40 PM CST by LeonFox - 03/11/13 @ 04:54AM
If you are noticing weird issues with country flags on your posts for the next hour or so we are doing some code updates for better country accuracy. Heh.. Guess there was unexpected down time lol.
College Is Just Like Highschool by Mittens - 01/11/13 @ 17:42PM
Hey negros, want to help me out with a super lame assignment for my college class? All you have to do is fill out a super short survey about what kind of videogames you like. Here's the link if you want to be awesome.
HAPPY CAPSLOCK DAY by Mittens - 23/10/13 @ 04:39AM
Lets Play for the Minecraft Server by Mittens - 06/10/13 @ 02:25AM
Sega and I have started a lets play series on the U-18Chan Minecraft server, now call the Futacraft Server. Because we can. Click here if you're interested!
Official U-18Chan Minecaft Server by Mittens - 02/10/13 @ 00:41AM
We have a Minecraft server again! Check out the thread for details.
666 by Marker - 18/09/13 @ 13:57PM
Hello everyone! If you're wondering about the recent (and temporal) changes to the site, we're celebrating 666 days of site operation under the IB4F software.
Firefox issues by Anon123212321 - 31/08/13 @ 11:26AM
We currently seem to have an issue affecting users using the Firefox browser (and presumably any other Firefox based browser) involving thumbnails not loading, and Javascript possibly not working. Until this is fixed, any Firefox users experiencing these issues should try the site in another browser. I've confirmed the site works fine for me in Chrome 29, and IE 11.
Downtime by LeonFox - 25/08/13 @ 20:26PM
Sorry for t he long downtime we had earlier today. Our server was having some technical issues that should be resolved now.
Posting issues by LeonFox - 26/07/13 @ 15:19PM
Sorry for the posting issues earlier today experimenting with SSL
SSL is working and re-enabled again if there are any further issues please contact me directly at [email protected] happy secure browsing!
UK censorship by Anon123212321 - 22/07/13 @ 15:54PM
Furfags of U-18Chan, as you may or may not know, the current Prime Minister of the UK, David Hitler, is trying to force a new censorship programme onto all ISPs in the UK in the form of a block of online pornography. As a porn site with a large proportion of users from the UK (and some staff as well), U-18Chan will be affected by this, which is why we urge our users to take action.

UK users, sign this petition: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/51746

Additionally, everyone should tweet David Cameron @David_Cameron and tell him what you think of his new censorship plan.

Also, if you don't already, you should consider supporting Open Rights Group and The EFF.

More downtime by LeonFox - 18/07/13 @ 20:40PM
Sorry about the constant down time at this point there isnt much we can do about it. We are working as hard as possible on trying to get this issue resolved.

***NOTICE*** We CAN confirm the problem has been resolved. Turns out TCP offloading kept breaking our hypervisor due to rare kernel combinations. Thanks to Doridian for helping us resolve this issue <3
Paypal by Anon123212321 - 17/07/13 @ 21:02PM
As Paypal has now limited my account because a friend sent me £5, and they previously banned Jay's account, I am required under the U-18Chan-hates-Paypal directive (which I just invented) to remind users that they should stay away from Paypal for anything as they are literally Hitler.

Virtualfox edit: Don't forget my banned account.
Jay edit: Or mine.
Anon123212321 edit: I didn't forget yours Jay, lrn2read nigga.
Downtime by LeonFox - 17/07/13 @ 14:59PM
I would like to apologize for the lengthy down time earlier today. As you can see that issue has been resolved. Sorry for any inconvenice this May have caused to your fapping session.
Image Loading Issues by Mittens - 04/07/13 @ 13:16PM
If certain images are not loading for you, try clearing your cache (Crtl+F5). This should fix the issue.
4th of July by Muhammadministrators - 04/07/13 @ 07:44AM
أمريكا هي حثالة الخنازير
Updated Rules and FAQ by Virtualfox - 28/06/13 @ 10:04AM
Over the past few weeks the staff have collaboratively revised the rules and FAQ to be clearer and better reflect recent changes in site policy (notably on cub and feral material). Additionally, both the FAQ and Rules now include information on how copyright/content owners can request their content's removal. This includes a new email for takedowns ([email protected]) to help separate them from regular enquiries at [email protected]
**NOTICE** Maintenance (ENDED) by LeonFox - 25/06/13 @ 00:44AM
This is a quick post to notify users of some short notice server maintenance that will cause our whole site to be down for about 2 hours or so. We must do this to improve our service and reliability for our end users. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. This will occur at 6/25/13 3:00 AM UTC, 6/24/13 8:00 PM Pacific Time, 10:00 PM Central Time, 11:00 PM Eastern Time.
Survey 8 Results! by Mittens - 21/06/13 @ 18:49PM
I've finally gotten the results to survey 8 put together along with my comments on them. You can check it out over at my faggy paggy blog.
We Fixed Something For A Change by Mittens - 19/06/13 @ 00:08AM
Remember that annoying thing where when you expanded all the images in the thread they'd load and then go all blurry again? We fixed that. I thought you'd be happy to hear about it.
User Survey 8 by Mittens - 17/06/13 @ 15:05PM
As the title suggests, the eight U-18Chan user survey is now up. Once the number of replies we get per day drops low enough, we'll close it and I'll post the results with some comments on my blog thing as usual.

[Edit] I dun goofed and had the document set as private when I posted this up. It's been fixed now and you should be able to fill it out.

Link to survey
Link to tumblr where results will be posted
Down Time by Mittens - 01/06/13 @ 16:56PM
What down time?
Down Time by LeonFox - 20/05/13 @ 00:44AM
Sorry for the down time guys, just a small bit of backend problems.
Chat Downtime by Anon123212321 - 05/05/13 @ 21:13PM
We are currently having a few technical difficulties with /chat/ due to a suspected DDoS attack on our chat provider (they're really shitty and probably deserve it anyway). Should anyone need to contact a member of staff, we advise you contact us by emailing [email protected] or the email address of the staff member you wish to contact, or by using the report post feature that none of you ever seem to use.
Shameless Plug by Mittens - 01/05/13 @ 00:24AM
Want to watch my friend play videogames while I make fun of his lack of skills? We do other stuff too maybe. You can watch it on the Internet and everything.

Catch us from 5 PM to 9 PM Pacific Time! If we are offline follow us on Twitch.TV or Twitter for updates on when we are streaming live.

U-18Chan Programming Development Strategy by Mittens - 29/04/13 @ 04:34AM
No images?!? by LeonFox - 28/04/13 @ 17:44PM
Sorry guys this issue may happen a couple times today (4/28/13) we are working on some code. We will make this as quick as possible.
All The Tags Are Gone by Mittens - 14/04/13 @ 16:12PM
And nothing of value was lost..
April fools! by Anon123212321 - 01/04/13 @ 23:05PM
Happy April fools day!

Recent and Search Removed by Mittens - 28/03/13 @ 14:45PM
Unfortunately we have had to remove /r/ due to it being shitty, half finished, and a security risk. We would love to have some sort of search ability for the site, but as of right now we don't have any coders with the ability to make this happen. If you're good with PHP and MySQL and want to help us for some insane reason, fire off an email to [email protected]

We will continue searching for a solution in the meantime.
More recent down time... by LeonFox - 06/03/13 @ 19:52PM
We would like to apologize for the recent day long down time. This shouldn't occur again. <3
Shameless Friend Plug by Mittens - 20/02/13 @ 02:54AM
Here's a little something for those of you who enjoy your furry accessories. Curry's Costuming sells ready to ship and custom ordered costumes and accessories, targeted mainly at furries. Why would I plug something like this? Well, I'm a customer. I'd recommend Curry if you want to get something nice and deal with a decent fur in the process.
Curry's Costuming
RIP by U-18Chan Staff - 16/02/13 @ 20:21PM
RIP Lemonade Coyote, you will be missed by lots
Feb 8 downtime by LeonFox - 08/02/13 @ 22:03PM
We would like to apologize for the long down time we experienced due to some service issues.
Maintenance by LeonFox - 05/02/13 @ 05:23AM
Sorry for the unexpected short downtime. had to do some upgrades to some of our mandatory software.
New Name by Mittens - 25/01/13 @ 01:22AM
We are thinking of renaming U-18Chan once our new software is ready for use. The only problem is we don't know what to change it to. We'd love to hear your suggestions though! here's the link to submit your suggestion:
Site Slowness by LeonFox - 20/01/13 @ 07:25AM
Just made a few changes to the web servers config, should hopefully help stabilize the site and speed things up.
Site Slowness by Di - 19/01/13 @ 22:28PM
Sorry about the insane slowness of the site lately, we're working on fixing it. Until then, we can only ask you to please bear with the long page load times.
Site Mascot by Mittens - 12/01/13 @ 01:30AM
At the date of posting this, our Christmas Valkyia mascot is still up on the front page. Normally we switch it back shortly after the holiday, but this year no one could be bothered. As a result, we should all bother Marker until he does it. His email is [email protected]
Recent Downtime by LeonFox - 04/01/13 @ 00:43AM
I'd like to appologize for the recent series of down time we have been experincing the past few weeks. According to our provider our IP has been subject of attack due to the previous users, they also noted attacks on other containers on the same node we are on have been a cause as well. Luckly the datacenter will soon be deploying an automatic DDoS protection which SHOULD filter out most of the attacks. Again we appologize for the inconvenience.
Merry Christmas by Virtualfox - 25/12/12 @ 00:01AM
Murry Yiffmas from the U-18Chan Staff
Let it snow! by Di - 24/12/12 @ 23:07PM
If you've got a browser that supports CSS3 shit, that is.

If it's lagging out your browser, click the "No Snow" style up in the navbar.
Site Downtime by Di - 19/12/12 @ 00:53AM
Our bandwidth provider had some problems with a DDoS yesterday, resulting in about 10 hours of downtime yesterday. The problem has been resolved, and we're back.

Edit: By LeonFox - Tech speak our server was gettin hit with 220,000 pps (which isnt much at all) but our provider's system decided to null route our ip address. The system was only supposed to null route us for a few hours but their system messed up and left us null routed all damn day.
Maintenance by LeonFox - 03/12/12 @ 02:16AM
Thank you guys for being patient. Maintenance has been successful and the site is back to full functionality.
MFF by Leonfox - 16/11/12 @ 22:38PM
Leonfox enjoying Midwest Furfest 2012
Upgrades? by LeonFox - 01/11/12 @ 23:45PM
We are currently testing a new web server for U-18Chan, it is going live within the next half hour. If you come across a any bugs please send me an email directly [email protected]
Down time... by LeonFox - 30/10/12 @ 03:54AM
We would like to apologize to our fellow users for the recent waves of down time. We are having some issues with our server and working hard to sort them out. Again sorry for the inconvenience.
Maintenance by LeonFox - 25/10/12 @ 21:01PM
Just a little FYI for our users, our site will be down at about 5 PM CDT (10:00 PM UTC) we will be doing some maintenance on our database systems.

Edit: Done, thank you for your patience.
Down time by LeonFox - 12/10/12 @ 12:49PM
I would like to appologiez to our fellow U-18Chan users for the 7 hour down time this morning, there are a couple new systems in place to prevent this from happening again.

Edit by Anon123212321: I would like to apologise for LeonFox's inability to spell apologise.
Edit by LeonFox: Sorry, i typed that at like 7 AM my time (CDT) RIGHT when i woke up.
Scales, Scales Everywhere by Mittens - 04/10/12 @ 19:15PM
It only took four years, but it's finally here. We have a Scaly board. For those of you with down syndrome, scalies are just like furries, except with scales. The old scaly thread on /fur/ has also been broken down into several threads and moved, so the board already has 15 threads of content! Enjoy.
The October Of Stupid Ideas by Jay - 03/10/12 @ 13:10PM
Well the month has just begun, and we're going to be making some a lot changes. Why? Because we can. Because we're different. That's player style baby!

In all seriousness though, we are going to use October as our trial month. We'll try all the things we wanted to try but where too scared to do. "But Jay!" you cry out, voice rich with frothy distress, "What if some of the new features suck? What if I hate them? What if you break the website and lose all the porn?" I urge you to quell your distress. There is no need to worry. We keep backups of U-18Chan, and our changes will mostly be to the site's settings, board structures, moderation, rules (maybe) and things like that. All the porn will stay safely stored in our database and massive image directory. Furthermore, we will revert any changes that suck as soon as we realize it, or once we review all changes at the end of the month.

If you are still reading this, you must be mildly interested in this. Maybe you even want to contribute your own ideas, or provide critique on existing ideas/features. Well, there is a thread on /d/ for that. Don't believe me? Check it out here.
Maintenance by LeonFox - 22/09/12 @ 21:50PM
Hey fellow U-18Chan users, we will be doing some maintenance on the server at about 5:00 PM CDT (11:00 PM BST) the site will be down for a relatively short period of time, approximately 10 minutes.

Done, sorry it took much longer the anticipated.
Coloured text by Virtualfox - 22/09/12 @ 16:14PM
For everyone wondering how to make their text coloured, check out the updated Site Guide.
/aw/ - Cute and clean is now /cute/ - Cute by Anon123212321 - 14/09/12 @ 15:31PM
We have renamed /aw/ and added a few board specific rules. You can find these new rules here, and you can post to the board here.
Welcome to those of you from Fur Affinity by Anon123212321 - 10/09/12 @ 16:38PM
We have had a large increase of visits to the site, this appears to be as a result of Fur Affinity being down. To those of you from fur Affinity that are new, welcome to U-18Chan, we hope you enjoy the site, and continue to come back even when Fur Affinity comes back online, we'll be lonely otherwise.

Also, as a reminder to everyone, please make sure you have read the site rules before posting.
Site being slow by LeonFox - 09/09/12 @ 02:16AM
Hey guys, the site is going a bit slow for a few hours. We are doing some backups right now and its causing the site to slow down. Ill update this post when we are finished. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: Done.
Rules by Anon123212321 - 24/08/12 @ 00:49AM
We have updated our rules, you should check then out here.
Overloads by LeonFox - 08/08/12 @ 03:23AM
Sorry about the server overloads, we had some issues with our database due to some mistakes in some code updated last night, these issues should be resolved now.
Webserver maintenance by LeonFox - 01/08/12 @ 05:43AM
Hey guys, just an FYI we are currently doing some maintenance on our Webserver and some performance testing. The site may be slow or go down during this process. I will edit this post and notify you all when we are done. Thanks - LeonFox

Edit: Done
Network issues by Anon123212321 - 19/07/12 @ 20:34PM
Our host is currently having some network issues, as a result, the sites loading times will feel something like all the 1's and 0's are being sent by some bloke over morse code.
You can read more about it on their status blog here. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Edit: Should be fine now.
Spam by Anon123212321 - 12/07/12 @ 09:53AM
We're currently having a small spam issue with the tags. It's nothing major, however, users might experience problems adding or removing tags whilst we put methods in place to remove the spam, and prevent further spam.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Email issues by Anon123212321 - 08/07/12 @ 18:30PM
Just a quick post to alert users that we appear to be having a small issue with our support email address. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as we can.

In the meantime, if you send an email to [email protected], it is recommended that you also CC [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Well guys by Marker - 13/06/12 @ 18:03PM
I'm sure you've all heard of the age old saying "with great powers comes great responsibilities", right?

Well, right now we still have access to the old U-18 server, and since everything's been transferred, we're no longer responsible for it.

But we still have all the admin powers.

Ladies and gents, allow me to present to you, the Olde and Improved U-18chan 1.0. As envisioned by Jay over 20 sleep deprived minutes.

Edit by Anon123212321: The old server is now shut down so you will no longer be able to improved version of U-18Chan.
About the donations... by Marker - 13/06/12 @ 15:50PM

Hello, everyone, this is just a brief announcement to inform you of the problems we recently had surrounding Paypal and our donations.

I’m the one writing this today because Jay is still busy wrestling with the problems brought on with the server’s recent upgrade, as well as tending to the usual background administration work he has to perform for the site.

First and foremost, I’d like to apologise for the lateness of this news posts. It’s your money and we have absolutely no good excuse to have kept this from you for so long.

“Well, get on with it!” I can tell you’re getting impatient, “What did you want to tell us about the donations then?” Well, thanks to you guys, we managed to raise a grand total of $640.00 by the third day of our donation drive! It really went beyond all of our expectations.

Annnnd that’s why it was a bit of a bummer when Paypal decided to freeze Jay’s account, citing /pb/ as a violation of their Acceptable Use Policy. Apparently, according to them, accepting donations for a online forum that happens to host adult contents from users is considered “transactions involving certain sexually oriented materials or services”.

So this is our current situation: After several exchange with their customer support, it looks like Jay won’t have access to the money in his account until mid-november. We will not be using Paypal for donations anymore, though Jay has found a much nicer alternative that pre-approved sites to accept donations, rather than checking after the fact and freezing accounts. We removed /pb/ when Paypal initially made their judgement, and have since decided to keep it deleted permanently, as it was hard to confirm the age of the posters there, and it made our site look sketchy as a whole.

All of this means until November, U-18Chan will have to be funded entirely on the money we get from advertising. We could open up donations again, but we would feel bad asking for more when we already got so much. The good news is, we have been playing around with our adverts, and should be able to keep the site running off of those until November, when we get our donation money. We get paid more for views, so if you still want to help, please add an exception for U-18Chan to your ad blocking program if you have one.

Finally, thank you, thank you all who have donated, or who donated last time, or who have wanted to donate but unfortunately couldn’t, and had to settle for unblocking the ads instead. You have Jay and I’s most sincere gratitude (not sure about the rest of the staff). And despite our best efforts, it’s thanks to you that U-18Chan is what it is today.

Survey 7 Closed by Mittens - 08/06/12 @ 18:16PM
Just like the title suggests, survey 7 has now been closed, and the results polled. You can find them, as well as some of my responses on my blog. All you staff members should be sure to check out the results of this one, we got some compliments!
We are back! by LeonFox - 07/06/12 @ 07:05AM
As you can see we are back online! We moved our server to a brand new way better server running waaaaay more efficient delivering content much faster then the old server. Thank you all for your patience.
Server Upgrade by Anon123212321 - 05/06/12 @ 00:06AM
Great news! We're getting a server upgrade, unfortunately, until the upgrade is complete, we're going to have to lock the boards. The upgrade should be complete by tomorrow at the latest. Users may also experience some temporary downtime with the website whilst the server is taken down for the upgrade. We advise you like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter so we can keep you informed should any problems arise during this upgrade.
Technical Difficulties by Anon123212321 - 04/06/12 @ 22:42PM
We are currently having a few minor technical difficulties, as a result of this, users may be unable to load U-18Chan from time to time. We are working to fix this as quickly as we can. Sorry for any inconvenience or lack of fapping caused.
Emails! by Mittens - 31/05/12 @ 02:25AM
If you've sent an email to me offering help or applying to become a moderator, and I have not yet replied, don't get upset. Seriously, you're really ugly when you cry. We've all been pretty busy with the site, especially me with our donation issues (I will explain this in more detail later), so I have not had time to answer everyone so far. I will though, even if we don't make you a mod. I'm not the kind to leave a nigga hanging.
Vacation by MS.Gilbert - 30/05/12 @ 03:04AM
I will be going on vacation for the next few days while my hand heals.I lost a fight with the Table Saw today at work. See 'yall in a few days.

Survey 7 by Mittens - 29/05/12 @ 06:32AM
It took a while, but here is yet another survey for you users. Since U-18Chan is community driven, we like to make you guys help us by taking surveys. This is how we figure out what users are thinking, and find new suggestions. Plus doing quizzes was like, the best part about Facebook. So this is basically just like Facebook except without all the stupid parts. Trust me, you'll love it.

The results of the survey will be posted on my blog once it is closed, as usual. You can take the survey here, and the survey will be closed whenever we feel we have enough replies.

[Edit] The link to the survey now works, sorry for missing that. Accidentally left it set to staff only.
Tags! by Mittens - 13/05/12 @ 03:54AM
We are happy to announce that as of right now, we have launched our new tagging system! Many thanks to one of our admins, Akamaru, for making this happen. You can now add tags to any posts, and they will show up as results on our search page. Eventually, we plan to have one or more pages dedicated to tagged browsing, but for now we are still looking for bugs. Please report anything you find to [email protected], or post about it on /lo/.
Got Swag? by Mittens - 01/05/12 @ 14:54PM
We've made some changes to our often unused alternative style sheets. We now only have two options; Dark (default) and Sky. Check it out by selecting it in the top menu, we actually made a good looking alternative this time, I promise.
Error Messages by Anon123212321 - 26/04/12 @ 03:05AM
Users may be occasionally receiving error messages. If you do, don't worry, it's just because we're receiving more traffic than usual because Pawsru is down. If you do receive an error message, simply try again in a few moments.
Server Migration by Mittens - 01/04/12 @ 06:18AM
This is an update to let you all know we have successfully finished moving to our new server! U-18Chan is now hosted in northern Australia. Please let us know if you find any bugs or missing posts, just in case we forgot something. Otherwise, you can keep using U-18Chan just as before.

Edit: We have had some reports of the site appearing upside down for some users. This is most likely due to upside down packets coming from ISPs running outdated firmware. Please contact them and ask about Australian compatibility if you are experiencing this issue.
Board Removal by Mittens - 13/03/12 @ 18:52PM
We are going to be removing some of our more dead boards soon. All the posts on them will be moved to the best suited board, so no content will be lost. However, you may start seeing a lot of posts from other boards getting mixed around. Don't worry though, we got this.
Recent Posts by Mittens - 10/03/12 @ 20:44PM
Guess what? Akamaru made something awesome. You may have already noticed the new board under Misc, but /r/ - Recent Posts is now fully functional. This page is technically not a board, but rather a list of posts on U-18Chan sorted by date. Not only this, but you can also select which boards you wish to see recent posts for, in case you'd rather not see what's new on /p/ while looking for new comics on /gc/ or something like that.

But wait! There's more! We have also added a search feature, which searches all posts on U-18Chan, all on the same page! How could things get better then that? Well, that's a surprise for later. Right now, enjoy the awesomeness. Trust me, you'll like it.
Copyright, where you go? by Mittens - 06/03/12 @ 04:03AM
Alrighty then, it's serious business time. As most of you know, we have had copyright complaints in the past, and as such removed the copyright material. However, it appears as though none of you know fuck all about shit. Allow me to assist you.

First off, U-18Chan will remove any copyright content upon request. However, we can not guarantee that it won't be uploaded again. U-18Chan has a fairly high post count, and we do not have paid staff, so all we can say is we'll do the best we can. If you are a copyright holder of any content posted and wish for it to be removed, please email the request to [email protected] If you attempt to contact staff directly, or any other means then our support email, your request will not be processed.

We have also decided to make a news post whenever copyright material is removed, as it seems many people can't take a hint (I'm talking to you, /gc/).

We will also keep a log of these requests, in case any of you insist that we are just lying because we love making you unhappy. The logs can be found on our new board; /cnt/ - Copyrights N' Takedowns.
Removed Content by Anon123212321 - 04/03/12 @ 06:16AM
It has come to my attention that a few users of this site are upset about the recent removal of some comics due to copyright grounds. Since this has happened many times in the past, without people moaning in this way, it is obvious there are a lot of new users here. So to those of you who are complaining, you must be new here, Welcome to U-18Chan!

We at U-18Chan are against censorship, and as a result, we only remove content from U-18Chan if it violates the rules or when we are requested to by the copyright holder. The rules prohibiting cub, child pornography, beastiality etc are there mainly for legal reasons. Thus, any removed content is for legal reasons. All other websites are subject to more or less the same laws.

If you are unsure of what is and isn't allowed, feel free to take a look at the rules and FAQ pages, if you're still unsure, email us at [email protected], Tweet us @U18chan, Facebook us at http://www.facebook.com/U18chan or pop into /chat/. When you are looking at the rules and FAQs page, you'll notice we have no DNP list. That means you're free to post whatever you want, as long as it complies with the rules.

Finally, thankyou on behalf of the U-18Chan team for helping make U-18Chan what it is today.
Support Email by Mittens - 02/03/12 @ 01:29AM
We recently discovered that our support email shit the bed and stopped forwarding emails to us. As a result, we have a good ten emails or so that we did not know of until now. I would like to apologize on behalf of the rest of the U-18 Team in case any of you senders out there felt ignored. We have no fixed the [email protected] email address, and will reply to the missed emails as soon as we are able.
Indices Updated by Akamaru - 26/02/12 @ 00:40AM
Updated with major speed improvements. The indices are now back and fully up. If you note any problems, have any suggestions or criticism, please feel free to contact myself or any members of staff.
Cloudflare issues by Anon123212321 - 12/02/12 @ 01:22AM
Anyone currently experiencing slow performance or Cloudflare errors, the issue is on Cloudflares end. I would suggest following @cloudflaresys on Twitter for more information on the issue.
Index Is Down by Mittens - 01/02/12 @ 05:25AM
The Gay Furry Comics Index (/igc/) is currently down for maintenance. There where too many threads being loaded at once, so our server could not handle it. We will bring it back as soon as we are done working on it.
You Can Upload Again by Akamaru - 27/01/12 @ 01:47AM
The recent error that prevented users from uploading files has now been corrected for. If you do note any other errors feel free to contact myself, or any of the other members of staff.
U-18Chan Goes on strike (striking against censorship) by LeonFox - 17/01/12 @ 22:12PM
Hello fellow U-18Chan users, I'd like to let you all know that we are participating in the Internet Strike tomorrow January 18, 2012 This will last till midnight EST . Thanks for your time.
Spamsite wordfilter by Anon123212321 - 17/01/12 @ 19:14PM
I have removed the wordfilter for changing "u18chan" to "U-18Chan" because it was messing with links pointing to u18chan.com. For reference, the proper way of writing our name is U-18Chan, not u18chan, u-18chan and especially not pig disgusting u18-chan!
I did it! by Mittens - 15/01/12 @ 08:42AM
You can now access the site with u18chan.com instead of the old, gross board. url. The old urls still work of course, but you should all think about updating your book marks.
Gentlemen Protocol by Mittens - 15/01/12 @ 02:27AM
Introducing Gentlemen Protocol; U-18Chan's answer to shitty posts. Just click that annoying picture in the bottom right hand corner to learn more. The Rules page has also been updated.
Rules rules rules... by Anon123212321 - 05/01/12 @ 00:45AM
Just a quick note to say, we have added a couple of updates to the rules page, you should check the rules page to keep up to date with the latest rules and avoid being banned for violating them.
I Tweeted by Mittens - 02/01/12 @ 00:26AM
Notice the little bird icon on the right hand side of the menubar? Hover your mouse over it to see our latest tweets. This way you can check up on important news without having to visit the main page. Aren't we nice? You can also follow us on twitter; @u18chan
Happy New Year! by Mittens - 01/01/12 @ 01:24AM
It's not new years here yet, but it is somewhere, so fuck it. A big thank you to SpazzyKoneko for our New Years Valkyria, which she made us for free! You're the best, Spazzy.

As an added note, we have created a page to host the full resolution versions of all our Valkyria images. It can be found under the Misc section of the menubar.

You can find Spazzy on FurAffinity here;
Let there be snow: by Marker - 24/12/11 @ 04:06AM
And there was snow.
Maintenance by Anon123212321 - 01/12/11 @ 01:48AM
The server will be going down in about 20 minutes for maintenance. During this time the site will be inaccessible. Server shouldn't be down for more than 5 minutes though.

Edit: It's back up.
Fixed! by LeonFox - 25/11/11 @ 06:01AM
Hell yeah! Im happy to announce we have fixed U-18chan to 100% working order. Enjoy :)
Partly workin? by LeonFox - 25/11/11 @ 04:55AM
As you may or may not see, the site is partly working... We are working to restore the rest as soon as we can.

Edit by Anon123212321: All boards are currently locked whilst we carry out further maintenance. Whilst you can now view the boards, you will not be able to make or edit posts until they are unlocked again.
Posting issues by Anon123212321 - 20/11/11 @ 16:27PM
There are currently a few minor issues affecting posting. We are working on fixing them. Will update the news feed when done.

Edit: Should be fixed now
Donations by Mittens - 19/11/11 @ 05:27AM
I've added a donate link to the top right hand corner of the menu bar. Thanks to everyone who has donated to the site so far, I hate to ask again, but we could use all the help we can get. Server bill just came in, so anything you can spare to show your appreciation would be awesome. Thank you, and be excellent to each other.
American Internet Censorship by LeonFox - 15/11/11 @ 21:07PM
On Wednesday, November 16, 2011, U-18Chan will be partaking in an Anti-Censorship movement. During this, our main page will have our logo and slogan "Blacked out". This 'stop censorship' message leads to a page where users will contact their congressional representatives. If you're not a resident of the United States, please bear with us.
New Feature! *update* by Marker - 12/11/11 @ 15:25PM
Now you can also access the new search feature from the Misc drop down menu at the top of the page.
New Feature! by LeonFox - 09/11/11 @ 02:54AM
Hello fellow U-18chan users! I have some very good news for all of you. Have you ever wanted to search U-18Chan quick and easy? Your in luck! we have setup a search for just U-18Chan. http://search.u18chan.com
Chat Room by Mittens - 09/11/11 @ 00:01AM
We have added a Xat chat room, which you can find in the Misc section of the menu. This will actually stay, unlike the shitty IRC room. Xat is far from perfect, but at least it is easy to use. Feel free to check in and chat with your fellow browsers, or to contact staff. It is not necessary to register with Xat in order to use the chat room.
Survey 6 Results and New CSS by Mittens - 22/10/11 @ 04:03AM
Survey 6 is now closed. The results can be seen at http://jkmittens.tumblr.com as per usual.

In addition, U-18Chan has a new Halloween CSS style, and the old styles have been overhauled. That's right, Cute doesn't suck anymore.
Survey 6 by Mittens - 10/10/11 @ 05:58AM
Survey 6 is out! Complete it to acquire 2,000 U-18Chan credits and unlock the I Have Too Much Free Time achievement.
Halloween Valkyria by Mittens - 09/10/11 @ 00:44AM
The voting for Halloween Valkyria is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas and voted. Now all you have to do is wait for Halloween to see it!
Halloween Valkyria by Mittens - 03/10/11 @ 16:36PM
Spazzy Will be making a new version of Valkyria for Halloween! However, she was having trouble coming up with a good idea, so she asked if we could have you guise vote on it. So guess what? You're voting on it. You can make and vote on suggestions via Google moderator, link bellow.
Survey 5 Results by Mittens - 03/10/11 @ 03:52AM
Yep, Survey 5 is closed, results with my comment are available at https://jkmittens.tumblr.com
Survey 6 coming soon. Sooner then normal soon even.
File Host Is Back! by Mittens - 26/09/11 @ 19:51PM
We have returned the useful board in a much more secure and integrated manor. Feel free to share whatever you like on it, so long as it follows our rules and UK law. Also, please do not post password protected folders. These will be removed if found. U-18chan is not your personal backup site, it is meant for sharing.

Just as a reminder, Survey 5 will be closing soon. You can find it here:
Multilingual U-18chan is best U-18chan by Mittens - 26/09/11 @ 17:59PM
If you take a look at the boards, you will see we have added country flags to all of them. These are generated based on your IP and do not show anyone your exact location, only your country, so don't worry about people finding your neighborhood. Unless you live in the Vatican, then it might be an issue. We have also added translation bars for all our non-English speaking users. We do not know how well these things work, but if they are like most translation software, they might be terrible. Please let us know about your experiences with them.
Fixed! by LeonFox - 20/09/11 @ 04:46AM
All fixed! boards all are ready for your enjoyment. Was just a little mistake in our database.
Board Not Accessible by Mittens - 20/09/11 @ 04:09AM
You may have noticed that you are not able to access any of the boards right now. We are performing some maintenance and will have everything back up as soon as possible. Please bear with us.
News and FAQ by Mittens - 20/09/11 @ 01:27AM
The News and FAQ pages have been revised once again. Things are now better organized, explained properly, and tidy. There are no changes to the rules, just rewording. The FAQ page now has a list of site features at the bottom as well.
Survey 5 by Mittens - 10/09/11 @ 04:38AM
That's right, Survey 5 is now complete. This one will be left up much longer then the last one, so no need to rush. We come back to a few more important and serious questions with this one, so please be sure to take this if you wish to help us improve the site. Don't worry though, there is still some fun stuff in it like always. Results will also be posted on my blog one the survey is closed, just like with the past ones. Enjoy.

Attention All Bronies by MS. Gilbert - 01/09/11 @ 08:25AM
This is a message to all fans of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic! I have added a countdown timer on /p/ that is set to reach zero at the start of the first episode for season two! I hope you all enjoy it.

PS. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the timer is set to the UTC -5 time zone.

PSS. I may add one each week to countdown till the next new episode, not sure yet. I'll let you all decide.

-Bro Hoof-
Hide Posts Without An Image. by Mittens - 31/08/11 @ 16:20PM
We have yet another new feature on U-18chan! You'll notice a new icon when viewing a thread called "Hide posts without an image." It does just that, hides all posts without an image. This way, you can skip comments and discussion and just look at the pictures! Excellent for when you just want to fap. With this added feature, we will no longer have to clean threads or make discussion threads. A lot of people don't bother reading the news, so please try to help spread the word whenever you see someone complaining about too much discussion in a thread. Also, please try to refrain from posting non-relevant images in comic threads. It's just a polite thing to do.

In addition, the FAQs page has been updated to include all the wonderful features U-18chan supports. Please check this out if you have not already, you might be missing out on something you do not know of yet.
New Board by Mittens - 31/08/11 @ 05:44AM
We have brought back /pb/ - Post Your Naked Body. In case the title is not obvious enough, this is a board for you to show off your goodies. We used to have this board a long, long time ago, but removed it due to the trauma it caused to the staff. Now, it's back, but as a trial board. It may or may not last depending on it's popularity and how well it is controlled. If things get out of hand, it will be removed.

The rules have also been updated due to the addition of this board.
Survey 4 Results by Mittens - 31/08/11 @ 04:58AM
Survey 4 filled out pretty fast, so I went ahead and wrote up the results, rather then waiting for the stranglers like I normally do. I apologise if you didn't get a chance to fill this out, I'll make sure to leave the next one up for longer.

Any new results to Survey 4 will not be checked any more. You can view the results and my comments on them over at my blog.
Spam by Mittens - 29/08/11 @ 16:15PM
We have recently been hit by spam attacks a few times, as some of you may have noticed. From what we can find, several furry boards have been hit by this, including Petichan's fur boards and pawsru. We appreciate all of those who reported the spam. Please note, it is a bad idea to post during a spam attack, as you may be accidentally banned. Additionally, threads on U-18chan do not prune. We can handle pages and pages of spam posts and not have to worry, we have plenty of hard drive space. We also have nightly backups. So, if you ever see some spam, just let us know and wait. We will take care of it as soon as possible.
Survey 4 by Mittens - 26/08/11 @ 20:16PM
Look at that! Survey 4 is finally out, took me long enough. You can take the survey by following the link bellow;

As per usually, I will be posting the results of the survey along with my personal comments on my blog once we have collected enough replies. You can check it out here;
Valkyria by Mittens - 26/08/11 @ 14:53PM
It took long enough, but we have chosen a name for our mascot! From now on, she will be known as Valkyria. Congratulations to Iszukanon for coming up with the most popular name. To go with the new name, we have a new image! This version of Valkyria was made by Spazzy Koneko (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/spazzykoneko/)
B Day by Mittens - 23/08/11 @ 16:44PM
Happy Birthday Virtualfox!

... You filthy nigger.
Menubar by Mittens - 11/08/11 @ 00:32AM
Well that was easier then expected. As you can see, we now have a fully working menubar again. This one is less resource intensive than the last, but so far is lacking a few features. Don't worry, they will be added back soon. Right now, the new menubar works on all browsers, and is available in both Dark and Cute styles. Your choice of style will be remembered each time you visit, even in Google Chrome now! Please report any bugs to [email protected]

The new low-recourse menubar was created and styled by Marker and myself.

Edit: fixed spelling. -Marker
Survey 3 Response by Mittens - 07/08/11 @ 06:03AM
The results for Survey 3 as well as some of my comments on them are now available at jkmittens.tumblr.com

The survey is now officially closed, but don't worry, there is a new one coming soon.
Animation by Mittens - 05/08/11 @ 00:40AM
The board /f/ - Flash has now been renamed to a - Animated. You can still post all your flash videos, games, and whatever, but now you can also post animated gifs or embed videos. Have fun.
Rules by Mittens - 03/08/11 @ 06:48AM
Recently we have been getting a lot of questions about the rules of U-18chan, as well as some thing which are addressed in the FAQ section. Please read over the Rules before posting, and read the FAQs before asking a question. If you ask about the rules, or anything addressed in the FAQs, you will not be assisted by any staff. Requesting clarification on any rules is fine, so long as the FAQs don't already clarify them.

On related news, the FAQs have been updated.

On unrelated news, the Cute style is now back and better then ever.
Passwords by Mittens - 02/08/11 @ 07:51AM
Just a minor bug. Some of you may be prompted to enter a password when attempting to access the boards. Just press the Log In button without entering a password. We are currently working on fixing this.
We Are Back! by Mittens - 02/08/11 @ 07:22AM
Yeah I know that took a bitch of a time, but U-18chan is now back and fully operational. Go ahead and continue using the site as you normally would. We will still be making tweaks, such as fixing the layout of the indices and adding some CSS styles (Including getting the Cute one working again). You may also notice that the menubar is gone. It's having some issues, so we won't be using it for a little while. For now you can use the standard imageboard navigation. If you wish to brows using the classic frames menu, visit http://board.u18chan.com/frames

Welcome back everyone, we are glad you stuck with us.
Things Are About To Get German by Mittens - 28/07/11 @ 01:44AM
We have successfully gotten our new imageboard software running! We are using a modified version of the ImageBoard4Free software which was created by Infinitus. He has been kind enough to let us use it while he works out the last of the bugs for what will hopefully be a public release. You may notice that U-18chan works and behaves a little bit differently now. Well, it also works much more efficiently and has more features. We will continue to add to the site, and it will now perform better then ever before. You can also visit our newly aquired archive of the old U-18chan at archive.u18chan.com

We hope all you old members enjoy the nostalgia. We sure did.

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